Required First Post and Productivity Questions

This is my first ever post on this blog, and it just so happens to be my first wordpress blog. I’ve had an attempt in the past but I never ever posted anything on it, probably because I prefer the interface of blogger.

Either way, welcome to my new fancy shmancy professional blog! Basically this is just where I’ll put all the non-personal related stuff. Stuff that people who might consider watching, liking, following, subscribing, and buying from me might want to see.

Let’s start this blog (and morning) off right with the good ‘ol productivity questions for the morning, suggested by one of my current 4 role models, Brendon Burchard. As a side note, my other three role models are Alex Sheen (from Because I Said I Would), Chalene Johnson, and Frank Kern.

In a recent video I watched by Brendon (it was one of those pre-launch videos for high performance academy I think) he posed these three questions for the morning time, before you even check your email.

1. What am I excited about today, or what COULD I MAKE to be excited about?
2. What am I grateful for today?
3. What am I committed to doing today, no matter what?

And so for this morning, here are my answers:

1. I am actually super excited for two main things today. Firstly, I’m looking forward to getting week 6’s card done for my 52 resolutions project. I get to go outside and find trash on the side of the road and clear it. The second thing is the drawing of week 7’s card. You never know what task you’re going to have to complete and I excited to learn what it will be.

2. I am grateful for the internet, where I can find and research things. I am grateful for my cat, who is up and pouncing on shadows this morning. I love how she brings me so much joy. I am grateful for words, because they are my passion. Lastly, I am grateful for grapefruit. A simple, nutritious breakfast.

3. Today I am committed to finishing the mystery story outline I have to do for elance, as well as starting the actual writing of said mystery. I am absolutely committed to doing all the week 6 work that I need to do today, including picking up the trash, drawing the next week’s card, and working on the script for the video. Lastly, I am committed to completing day four of Chalene Johnson’s 30 Day Challenge.

So that is my productivity post for the day and here are the first 5 things on my to-do list:
1. Social Media/Email
2. Finish Mystery Story Outline
3. Create an outline for Personal Mystery Story
4. Pick up the trash on the street
5. 52 Resolution Work – finish video 5 script, start video 6 script, get week 7’s card drawn.

As you see, these things match my day’s goals! I try to do my list in the order I set up the night before, so I don’t spend 10 minutes wondering what I should do next, I just do something!


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