A Meh Morning

Good morning! I should really learn to do a night time post so you all know that I accomplished my goals last night… Actually, that’s a thing I could add to my blog posts in the morning!

I did complete all my things I was committed to do yesterday. In fact, I took video of the trash I picked up, which I can link the Instagram I posted on the subject right here! Later it will be a part of a much bigger video, for week 6 of 52 resolutions.

I had my mom draw week 7 of 52 resolutions last night. What is it? That’s a surprise that will wait until the week 6 video is posted! And that will have to wait until after my lazy self finishes Week 6’s video.

Anyways, on to the morning questions!

1. What am I (or can I be) excited about today?

Well, today I have a lot of things due, and I’m not much looking forward to them. However, I can say I’ll be happy to see the finished product for the mystery story I’m writing. That has to be finished tonight and I think it’ll turn out really well. Unfortunately, it’s a piece of ghostwriting, so I won’t be able to show it.
Hm, looking at this, I’m not all that excited about today… It just looks like a lot of work on other people’s agendas. Not just that, but there are things happening today that drive my enthusiasm to the negatives.
What can I make myself excited about? What can I do to drive up my enthusiasm? Hm, I know, I’ll try to make the negative into a positive. I’ll play uno with my younger sister. I love uno, so that should make me excited.

2. What am I grateful for?

I am grateful for my bedroom, where I can close the door and be in my own world. I am grateful for brown sugar and cinnamon oatmeal. I’m thankful for games like uno, which can make some moments better. Lastly, I’m thankful for my alarm clock. Without it, I wouldn’t be awake.

3. What am I committed to doing today?

Right. Today, I am committed to finishing the mystery story, working on a transcript, working on an audio study guide, and doing day five of Chalene’s 30 day challenge. (Some of you might wonder why I didn’t say I was excited for the challenge, but that’s because I read the email already and it looks like it’s just going to be solidifying what we did yesterday. We’ll see though, her videos are pretty inspirational.)

On that note, here are the first five things on my schedule for the day:
1. 30 minutes of mystery story work
2. Edit audio guide 1 hour
3. Work on transcript 1 hr
4. Work on the week 7 thing 30 min
5. Get rid of 1-3 tabs and post a blog

The fifth item has to do with the fact that I’ll see something cool and leave the tab open to investigate later, but it slows down your computer or the network or something, and it looks kind of cluttered. So this is my way of telling myself that NOW is the time to look at one of those things.



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