Late Post

Alright! I am in a great mood today!
I woke up this morning a little bit ugh but kind of determined to do things.

Unfortunately, yesterday I did not finish the things I wanted to do. I didn’t finish the audio study guide, or the mystery, or the transcript, but guess what?

I’m doing them today! Maybe not the study guide though, I’ve learned what my limits are and having too much to do at one time can be a cause for problems.

1. What am I excited for?

Feedback on the works of literature I’m doing! Because my push goal is to get a book on the featured table at Barnes and Noble by my 21st birthday, feedback in my writing is mega important to me. It’s also why I started doing the twitter writing prompts every day. Also! I am excited to learn me some cognitive science from the audio I’m transcribing! I love that genre of stuff!

2. What am I grateful for?

Today I am already mega grateful for WiFi, so I could do things in my room without having a gigantic Ethernet cord!helps me so much! Second, tea! It makes me morning so much easier if I have a little cup of tea next to me. Thirdly, my younger sister Melody. She’s here and visiting and even though she was up she had the respect to stay quiet and let me work on the thing due this very morning. I love that.

3. What am I to accomplish today? No excuses?

Alright guys! This is what I’m gonna do! I’m gonna have that mystery story complete, I’m going to finish that transcript, and I am going to rock at finishing the other story I have to have ghostwritten!
Here are the first five things in order on my to-do list for this very awesome day!
1. Cognitive Science Transcription finish halfway
2. Twitter writing prompt
3. Cognitive Science Transcript Finish
4. Outline Ghostwritten Story #1
5. Exercise!

Have a Great Day!


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