I Don’t Want to be Productive Today

Seriously. Today has not started out that great. I mean, I had a couple good things happen but I just woke up in a not so good mood and when I walked out into the living room I noticed my mom was in the same mindset.

I don’t feel productive, I don’t feel happy, and I’m certainly not excited.
I didn’t finish everything yesterday, I’ve been taking on too much, and everyone around me is negative.

That being said, I’m going to try to do this stuff anyways, because hopefully it will help me to get less of these types of mornings and more pleasant ones.

1. What can I cause myself to be excited about today?

Well, I can try to post my week five video or some other video up today. That helps get me excited normally. Or maybe I should promise myself a nap after I get the transcription done. Everyone needs a little rest, I feel like that’s my key to surviving the day. I’ll have a nap 🙂 there we go, I can be excited for my nap!

2. What am I thankful for?

Well, today on this annoyingly upsetting day I’ll be thankful for doors. Doors that close and at least make sounds less noisy. And beds, beds that are there throughout the day to catch you at your worst and give you a spot to rest.

3. What am I going to complete today?

Well, I have the story and transcription due today, but I’m just going to put down definitely for the transcription. And I’ll put down that I’ll definitely do today’s 30 day challenge. That only takes like 5 minutes. And, finally, speaking of thirty day challenges, I’ll do my promise video. There. I should be able to do a better job today.

On that note, here is my to do list… We’ll do up to ten things from now on.
1. Do ten more transcription minutes
2. Do the thirty day challenge for the day
3. Finish the transcription
4. Nap/rest
5. Outline ghostwritten story
6. Record promise video and okay C. to begin
7. Spend 30 minutes on story
8. Spend 30 minutes on audio study guide
9. Edit and upload promise video
10. Write down what I need to do for next videos

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