Over Doing It

Good morning. I was pretty down this morning because my level of accomplishment was pretty much at zero. It was just one of those days yesterday. It was so bad I didn’t even do the simple 30 day challenge.

What did I do the whole day? Procrastinated. Badly. I got into a facebook comment war, which could be considered a waste of time, but it was amusing and not only that, it got me talking with a friend of mine again. So I guess the day didn’t go too badly. I just didn’t get anything that I had planned to do accomplished. And that happens sometimes.

I would get really down because I didn’t do anything yesterday except the day 8 of the 30 day challenge happened to be entitled “you are not a quitter.”

Great timing Chalene! So I’m going to try again to get back on track because she’s right, I’m not a quitter.

On that note, the morning’s productivity questions:

1. What are you excited about today?
The 30 day challenge! Really. And finally getting some of this work weight off of me!

2. What are you grateful for?
Zebra F-301 pens! They write so smoothly, it’s what I use to write things down and I just love them. Also, tea yet again has been my savior and I am grateful that such a calming, warm liquid exists. Lastly, febreeze. That’s all I’ll say on that matter!

3. What are you absolutely going to accomplish today?
So I’m going to shoot low today, well, what seems low to me… I’m going to finish the transcription, write part of the story, finish the 30 day challenge stuff for the day… And most importantly? Start prep for Valentine’s Day!!
Funny how that’s low for me, huh?

Anyways, my attempt to-do list is gonna look like this:
1. Both parts of the 30 day challenge
2. Outline fb story
3. Transcribe!! 🙂
4. Do some valentines prep stuff
5. All the transcribing!

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Twitter: http://twitter.com/AlexandriaMWolf
Personal Blog: http://ajourneyforalexandria.blogspot.com/


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