A Couple Things…

So, I’ve been pretty unproductive lately. Yesterday turned out amazing, I didn’t finish my stuff but I had a good Valentines Day.

Which is awesome.

Because I’ve been unproductive though, my anxiety has been giving me issues. In that case, today’s goals are going to involve taking care of the things that make me anxious, either by doing or getting rid of them.

1. What am I excited for today?
Chalene’s Thirty Day Challenge! It’s been going good so far. I have little moments of being behind but I’m working on it. Also, getting loose ends tied up! I love doing that because it gets rid of my anxieties and let’s me relax.

2. What am I grateful for today?
Leftovers. I made spaghetti last night and it will be great to have so me later as part of a meal. Also, people who believe in me. Yesterday my boyfriend gave me a card that let me know how much he is confident in my abilities to succeed and it was absolutely my favorite part of all the things I was given.

3. What will I absolutely get done?
The thirty day challenge stuff for the day, my daily exercise, putting up a new video, and finally, tying up all the loose ends. Now, I won’t make myself complete them all today, but I’ll have to take a step towards completing them and have a plan to finish tying it up. This way I’m productive without feeling like I’ve failed.

So what does my to-do list entail?
1. Lunch! (Because I’m doing this late)
2. Exercise!
3. Chalene’s Thirty Day Challenge
4. Brain Games
5. Come up with plans for tying up everything

Much love and a productive day to you all!
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