Birthday Morning

Whelp. I’m 20 now. I’m nor quite certain how to spend my day or what I want to do or anything. The weather isn’t the best today so I can’t really go anywhere… ^^”

1. What am I excited for today?
Being in a totally different subgroup on the fit brains app. Instead of being compared to other 10-19 year olds I’ll probably be compared to 20-29 year olds. I’m pretty excited to find out where I stand.
Also, I’m excited for planning out how being 20 years old will work. Especially considering one of my goals is to move out by the time I’m 21.

2. What am I grateful for?
Friends who help me out at 9 at night when I’m complaining about how I don’t have anything to show for myself and therefore don’t want to be 20. I’m kind of a silly person. Also, I’m thankful for grace periods and apps created to give you relaxation. They’re amazing. Tons of stress taken off.

3. What am I going to absolutely accomplish today?
That’s the question, isn’t it? Well, I figure I’ll plan out how being 20 will work, tie up some older loose ends, and do the thirty day challenge.

So, my little to-do list for the day will involve:
1. Brain Games and 30 Day Challenge
2. Super Duper List Making for planning things out
3. A little bit of room organizing
4. More list making
5. Some end tying


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