First Full Day of Being 20

Goooooood Morning!
Yesterday I was a little lax, because it was my birthday, but I still got a good chunk done!!
Two of the most important people on my life came over and we hung out, which made the day so awesome.

On to today…

1. What am I excited about?
Probably finally getting a plan of action. I’m going to work on getting my focus.

2. What am I grateful for?
My close friends. They mean so much to me. Also, chocolate chip cookies. Omg yum.

3. What am I absolutely going to accomplish today?
The thirty day challenge and getting a new ID card. My permit was expired, so I need a new one.

My mini little to do list for the day goes
1. Get my New ID
2. Do the brain games
3. 30 day challenge
4. Figure out my week’s plan
5. Work on the weekly resolution

With care,


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