The Death of the Cord

So I have an iPad mini that I use for a lot of my productivity stuff. Like every morning I’ll do these posts on my iPad. So, the cord that I use to charge said mini? It’s toast. Which makes me about 2 hours late for all the stuff I wanted to do this morning. I’ll probably post about that more on my personal blog.

So yesterday I attempted schedule making and am continuing it today. It’s really hard at first to follow a schedule, especially when you’ve been out of that word for a little over a year.

I ended up not completing loose end number one and two. Why didn’t I? It had something to do with my priorities. You see, I don’t feel like I should have to take care of them. They don’t really do anything for me and are kind of liabilities. So I did some thinking yesterday and compromised with myself.

I’ll skip number two altogether and just finish number one. And more importantly, if I’m going to procrastinate on such things, I might as well procrastinate on them with other things from my to-do list. At least that way I accomplish something even if it’s not the ugliest frog.

1. What am I excited for today?
Getting the last of my loose ends done and over with! Oh, and maybe posting some more stuff onto my youtube.

2. What am I grateful for?
I never thought I’d say this, but apple. I am grateful for their cloud and the ease of transferring things between devices. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Windows 7 laptop, but when it comes to tablets I guess I’m kind of an apple gal. At least for now.

3. What am I absolutely going to do today?
Well, I’m going to finish up the loose end, and I’m also going to upload a video to my youtube, because I need to be on top of that. I already finished the 30 day challenge for the day and have realized I REALLY need to rethink my PUSH goal. For those of you who don’t know what the thirty day challenge or a PUSH goal is, here’s a link. I recommend you check it out!

On that note, here’s part of my schedule, which as I said, I am behind on.
1. Clear Room Space (So I can exercise!)
2. Exercise and do Working It Out Blog Post
3. Some Loose End Work
4. Twitter Writing Prompt!
5. Create Video To-Do List

Keeping it Productive!

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