Shave the Cat

You’ll notice this is posted a little later than usual… Well, and I didn’t post yesterday, but yeaterday was Oscars day…

Anyways, today I let myself officially get out of bed an hour late and not exercise because I’m not doing the best due to mother nature… and then guys, I decide to shave the cat. We have four cats at my house and one of them is super fuzzy and constantly getting mats.

Everyone was always talking about how they were going to shave her but nobody actually did it. So I took the clippers and brought her to the bathroom.

I haven’t actually finished, but the clippers were getting too warm so her and I are taking a break.

I bring this up because a lot of times people have things that they keep saying they’re going to do and it will never get done unless someone takes the initiative to actually do it. That’s right guys, I want you to shave your cat, or do whatever task you have been putting off for days and days that really ought to get done.

Oil change? Get it done. Sorting your mail? Get it done. Getting rid of bad food from the fridge? Do it. Washing the dishes? Get it done before stuff starts growing! Sheesh!

Also, in regards to my laptop… Well. I wish there were better news. Guys, I am going to be without a laptop until I can afford one.

Luckily for me, we have a very old windows computer that just kind of sits and gathers dust. It has microsoft word, windows movie maker, and I can install audacity. Yes, those are my tools of the trade for now.

What’s your excuse?

On to the questions!
1. What am I excited for today?
Probably trying to get that old dusty thing a figurative oil change! Meaning I’ll defrag and virus scan and add audacity, and that kind of stuff. We’ll see how fast I can make it go with very little in the way of knowledge or time 🙂

2. What am I grateful for?
My friend, Tim, for trying to help fix my laptop. The old computer with everything I need. And also, my ability to choose to just spend an hour in bed when I absolutely need it.

3. What am I absolutely going to do today?
So you all are used to me overshooting, but today my goals are pretty simplific. Take care of the computer, work on my weekly goal scripts, and do some research for my product.

So my little do list involves the following:
1. Scripts
2. Research
3. Lunch
4. Video lessons
5. Respond to important emails

You’re all awesome!
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