The Computer Chronicles Continue

Hello readers!

There are eleven of you currently subscribed, which is pretty spiffy stuff and I thank you for it.

Moving on, my laptop is still dead. But that’s not all. I got accepted for a freelance job on Elance. It involves transcription work and is an hourly job. Well. Hourly jobs require you to use the Elance Work View.

This wouldn’t be a problem except for the fact that the old dusty computer here didn’t have Flash-player installed. After spending the morning trying to figure it out, my mother managed to get it to work.

Then I spent 15 minutes trying to install the time tracker because I didn’t realize I had to be on an admin account because it also wanted to install adobe air which it needed to work.

Long story short, I am now working on the project I was assigned to do.

There’s always a solution… It just might take all morning to get it to work.

Also, my friend Tim is coming over once again to try and get my laptop to work.

Moving on to the questions!

1. What am I excited about today?
Probably what already happened… Getting the computer to work. Like it really excites me that it’s now a completely viable, if slow and annoying, solution. I guess I’m also pretty excited to find out exactly what’s wrong with the laptop. If my theory is correct, it’s unfixable, but I’ll be kind of happy to be right. If my theory is incorrect, that means they found a way to fix it, and I’ll be pleased because it’s fixable.

2. What am I grateful for today?
I am grateful for my quick thinking to wake up an hour early after learning I had this job to do, it was a great choice, especially because of the time it took to figure out the computer. I’m also grateful for my mom, because she was able to get the flash to work.

3. What am I absolutely going to do today?
Well, I’m going to finish this job for this guy. I’m also going to work on more research for my product and probably work on getting pictures to sell my massage table and massage chair. I’m thinking of listing them on craigslist for $400 for the pair. It would help a lot with taking care of my product launch.

And here’s my little list:
1. Finish Elance Job
2. Try Plugging Laptop Drive into old computer
3. Create backlog
4. Kajabi lessons
5. Work in scripts

Have a Productive Day!
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