To the Library

I let myself wake up an hour late again. No shame in that. I was getting used to just getting up at one alarm but my sister is staying here for a couple months and she just can not do that. So I’ve begun to wake up multiple times in a row. I might just have to make my bedtime earlier so I can wake up with her first alarm ruther than continue this process of three hours of alarms.

Another note of interest is that we reset my laptop to factory settings and it works… Okay. I’m just scared of moving it or unplugging it from AC power because I lifted it to show my dad something and it reacted terribly.

And onto the title subject, I’m walking to the library today with Devohn. The weather will be below freezing, and it’ll be about a 2 hour walk, but it’s needed for my research for my product.

Why am I walking? I have no car. I have severe anxiety about paying cash on buses. I don’t have a bus card. Rides are busy.

There’s always another option, trust me. You can find one. Hence the walking.

It’ll be awesome to be able to do research there. I’m actually really excited. I hope they have a lot of books on my subject matter. It’s a rather large library.

On to the questions!

1. What am I excited about today?
Walking to the library, obviously. That and hopefully finding a super good book.

2. What am I grateful for today?
Books. And libraries that give you free access to said books. And refrigeration that makes sure mushrooms don’t spoil as fast. I had mushrooms with my eggs this morning.

3. What am I absolutely going to get done today?
The scripts. Doing some research. And my exercise, considering walking to the library will be exercise.

And my little list for this morning:
1. Kajabi
2. Khan academy
3. Lemon Water and Snack Making
4. Walking
5. Book Research

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