Make Lemonade

Everyone knows the phrase “when life hands you lemons, make lemonade.” The meaning of this involves optimism in the face of adversity.

I always got very annoyed by the phrase because it used lemons as it’s adversity symbol and I love lemons. I really do. I finally allowed the phrase to be accepted when I drank my lemon water this morning.

You see, I made the choice to add an entire lemon to my liter of water. And then I dropped in the end of the lemon for added flavor. I threw it in the fridge overnight so I’d have cold water in the morning.

Way too acidic!

I added sugar pretty promptly. Hence, my lemonade. 🙂

Today’s productivity questions!

1. What am I excited for today?
I’m excited to see if I can be on time with my schedule all day. Like it’s a kind of race thing and I’m just super excited and happy. Yesterday I was on time or early nearly all day which feels great! So today I’m going to see if I can create that same effect today.

2. What am I grateful for today?
Science. And knowing some science. Especially brain science.

3. What am I absolutely going to do today?
Today I shall get a lot of things done, just like yesterday! I’m going to attempt to do the twitter writing prompt, I’m going to FINISH my meditation research, and I’m going to record one of my late videos for the weekly goals.

Here is my little list!
1. Respond to important email.
2. Work on mostly dead laptop setup.
3. Wash dishes (which is actually part of a psychological experiment)
4. Work on positivity card list
5. Brainstorm content ideas.

Pretty soon I hope to add a little positivity phrase to each of these posts.
Enjoy your day!
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