Combating the Bitterness

I’m really glad I started doing this. This being the blog, the business, the product launch… The whole entirety of my recent projects, basically.

I had a terrible wake-up again. I got out to the kitchen and just wanted silence. It did not happen. I found myself thinking about bitter things. A past person was in my dream and I thought with bitterness on the lack of communication. I thought on the dishes and how I’ve been doing them about half an hour every morning and how honestly there shouldn’t be a pile to even do in the morning. And then more bitterness came out.

This is when a few unique thoughts came into my mind. “I have no idea what to write for this, I just shouldn’t write anything.” And then “but what will that do for your day, you can just write about how terrible your morning is.” And lastly, and most amazingly “but that wouldn’t be fair to your readers. Your job is to provide uplifting and motivational content. Stuff they can learn and grow from. Things that make them think.”

And with that it was a little easier to deal with my morning.

The law of attraction. What you think will come to you. Sure, a little effort is required to bring it, but not as much effort as it would had you not thought about it. Which is why I’m glad I started doing this. Not only has this potentially helped others, but it is most definitely helping me.

Remember to stay positive. Even when the world just makes you want to collapse back in bed.

On to zee questions!

1. What am I excited about today?
I’m hanging out with peoples today.

2. What am I grateful for today?
Breathing exercises. Breathing to calm oneself down.

3. What am I absolutely going to do today?
Write out a one week full out plan for what I need to accomplish, finish the upload of a video, and work on some beats.

And my little list:
1. Interact on facebook as professional page
2. Send response and review to guy on book
3. Brainstorm list of websites to connect with google+
4. Backlog
5. Write out a one week plan

Facebook Page:
Personal Blog:
Work-Out Blog:
New Meditation Blog: http://TheRhythmicStory.Wordpress.Com


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