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“What am I doing with my Life?”

The question that has plagued me lately. The question that plagues many. What am I even doing? What have I created? What have I spent my time on?

In essence one is attempting to reconcile with themselves that they have been doing more than sit there and watch videos of cats while working a 9 to 5 job. Or not working at all. Perhaps one might be in school, wondering if they’re doing it for themselves or somebody else.

What am I doing with my life?

As many of you who follow this blog may have noticed, I had disappeared. I had gotten disheartened and basically quit and fell off the face of the planet. Not a good idea, but it happens. The problem had to do with my meditation project.

Upon further reflection here is what went wrong:
1. Funding (Jewel cases and printed on CD’s run a bit of a sum…)
2. Time Limit Too Extreme
3. Unrealistic Expectations
4. Started for the wrong reasons. (Though it’s still a good idea and has many good reasons, the first one was wrong so therefore it made the project less valuable to me.)
5. “Lol how does one even market?”

I had an anxiety attack because I was failing and am guilty of epitomizing the Anxiety
/Avoidance Paradigm. However, I kept a good chunk of my notes and other things I was working on because of three key reasons. They show me I tried something. They allow me to reflect and learn. They can be used later.

As you see, I’ve come back. Am I going to try exactly what I did before? No. Because I recognize that at least at this time it is not a good thing for me to do.

I’m moving to another state, out of my parents house, away from a lot of the people I care about, away from all the drama and anxiety I could do without. It’s made me think a lot and that big question came up of what am I going to do there? I literally have free reign to do whatever I want. (Within the constrains of money, anyways.) These opportunities rarely happen.

On that note, I have a couple ideas of things I could potentially start work on, at a slow and comfortable rate, and maybe choose to focus on one later on.
1. Creating a workable concept for a kitten purrs energy harnesser. (And similar unique energy sources.)
2. Stop worrying about the controversy of my “face reading” and actually write a book or start a website about it that’s based in at least some psychology. (Maybe I should call it the sherlock effect.)
3. Write a fiction book. Just finish one. (Already have like a million ideas…)
4. Create a poetry collection to sell on Amazon. (With or without some of the poetry from my deviantart.)
5. Work on things relating to elance. (The freelancing site.)

I hope you all have a super grand day today and remember that even if you fail at something, it doesn’t mean you’ll fail at everything. Find your niche.
-Alexandria Hathaway


Everyone Needs More Discipline

Yesterday I watched a video sent to me by Brendon. It was from Mel Abraham, and it was about what he called “The 4D’s.”

One of these D’s was discipline. Discipline is something so often missing from our lives, and the lives of the people we know. Discipline is the difference of the project being started and the project being completed. It is the difference between motivation and determination.

Discipline is the reason why the people with entitlement issues truly fail. It’s not so much that they expect a great paying job. It’s that they expect a great paying job right out of college without doing any work for it. Without spending time working towards that goal.

Here are three ways to work on your discipline. First, make a schedule or checklist for what you need to complete today. Only include what you are absolutely committed to finishing. Secondly, reward your accomplishments. If you do finish something and then just move on to the next thing, you’re less likely to finish it because it seems less important. Thirdly, focus on starting a project on time, rather than finishing it. For some of you, this seems counterintuitive, but if you’re able to start things on time, you’re able to make progress in it. It will also help you learn time management by showing you how much time something really needs.

On to the productivity questions!

1. What are you excited about today?
Trying the whole “just work on starting the task” thing. It’s a constant problem of mine, and this concept is actually a little new to me but I’m going to give it a go. New things are exciting.

2. What are you grateful for today?
I am grateful for sites like elance and mturk. They help out so much on both sides of work, both doing and delegating.

3. What are you absolutely going to do today?
I am going to organize my bedroom, finish a book I’m reviewing, and finish filling out my indiegogo profile.

My little list:
1. Read at least 3 more chapters of the review book.
2. Create a Poetic Meditation Transcript
3. Start organizing the room.
4. Finish a weekly goal’s task.
5. Research CD production places to call for a quote.

Have a happy PI day!
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Struggling Past the Negativity

Some days it’s just really hard to get past the negativity. Like, you wake up okay but within an hour you’re just wondering how long before you can just go to bed again.

Today is a little bit like one of those days.

But it’s my job to pull through it. I created a schedule/to-do list last night that’s full of positivity. I should be able to utilize it. Even when things are tough you have to pull through. Sure, you can have a day of just laying down and doing nothing once in awhile, but when you can be sure to fight through it. You’ll be victorious.

I already had a lay down and not deal with anything day recently, and I was a lot more stressed than I am now, so I’m going to conquer this day like nobody’s business.

Yesterday I almost completed everything. I did my work out, did my writing prompt, watched and participated in that day’s thirty day challenge, but I wasn’t able to upload a video. Not yet anyways. What I was able to do is record two videos and start the editing on one of them. Not too shabby if I do say so myself.

1. What am I excited for today?
Well, I can’t wait to know what this week’s challenge is. Also, I’m excited to be posting a new video today for people to watch. I’m going to finish the edit and upload it! 

2. What am I grateful for?
My self-proclaimed “chill pills” that keep my anxiety in check would be one. It’s Natrol’s 5-HTP for those wondering. I am also grateful for bed making. You never realize how much more awesome and comfortable beds look when they’re made. Also, cats on made beds look more adorable. Just an opinion here, but based on the adorableness sprawled out on my bed right now.

3. What am I absolutely going to accomplish today?
Well, today I’m going to finish the video, for one. That means finish editing, and also upload it. I am going to do my writing prompt, I’ve already done the 30 day challenge and the workout. I’m also definitely going to get this week’s challenge card drawn.

My Five First Things To-Do
1. Finish Writing my Ten Main Goals (as seen in the thirty day challenge.)
2. Reply to important emails
3. Make my Lemony Water
4. Twitter Writing Prompt
5. Khan Academy


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