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Combating the Bitterness

I’m really glad I started doing this. This being the blog, the business, the product launch… The whole entirety of my recent projects, basically.

I had a terrible wake-up again. I got out to the kitchen and just wanted silence. It did not happen. I found myself thinking about bitter things. A past person was in my dream and I thought with bitterness on the lack of communication. I thought on the dishes and how I’ve been doing them about half an hour every morning and how honestly there shouldn’t be a pile to even do in the morning. And then more bitterness came out.

This is when a few unique thoughts came into my mind. “I have no idea what to write for this, I just shouldn’t write anything.” And then “but what will that do for your day, you can just write about how terrible your morning is.” And lastly, and most amazingly “but that wouldn’t be fair to your readers. Your job is to provide uplifting and motivational content. Stuff they can learn and grow from. Things that make them think.”

And with that it was a little easier to deal with my morning.

The law of attraction. What you think will come to you. Sure, a little effort is required to bring it, but not as much effort as it would had you not thought about it. Which is why I’m glad I started doing this. Not only has this potentially helped others, but it is most definitely helping me.

Remember to stay positive. Even when the world just makes you want to collapse back in bed.

On to zee questions!

1. What am I excited about today?
I’m hanging out with peoples today.

2. What am I grateful for today?
Breathing exercises. Breathing to calm oneself down.

3. What am I absolutely going to do today?
Write out a one week full out plan for what I need to accomplish, finish the upload of a video, and work on some beats.

And my little list:
1. Interact on facebook as professional page
2. Send response and review to guy on book
3. Brainstorm list of websites to connect with google+
4. Backlog
5. Write out a one week plan

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Life in the Cesspool of Negative Things

I live with my parents. I’ve been in the same place for twenty years straight minus the time I moved out for six months. This is not a good thing. I’m not even going to touch on the kids living with parents debate. No. I’m going more for the environment issue.

You see, this house is filled with negativity. Arguments, messes, things breaking, more arguments, a lot of depression, anxieties, quirkiness that does not mesh well with others, that kind of thing.

For twenty years.

Nobody should be in that kind of environment. Hell, my parent shouldn’t have to deal with that kind of environment. But here it is. My problem with it is that it ruins my productivity. I am easily taken down by comments and people being crabby or depressed. So I go lay down and sometimes I fall asleep because it crushes me.

I want to be able to work on things.

So that means I need to come up with a way around this environmental damage. A lot of people are like “well just leave the house for the day.” Need I remind you it’s winter? I already walked 2 hours to the library yesterday. Hard to do that everyday.

I’ll get back to you with a plan later.

Moving on to the questions!

1. What am I excited about today?
I am excited about figuring out how marketing is going to work. Facebook algorithms are kind of screwing my page over, so I think I really badly need a website. But a website doesn’t allow the same kind of interaction. So I’ll try to figure that out too. Any ideas? Feel free to let me know in the comment section below!

2. What am I grateful for?
Left overs! I was given Leeann Chin last night by my boyfriend and I had some leftover so I heated it up with two eggs and it makes a pretty awesome breakfast!

3. What am I absolutely going to do today?
A lot of brainstorming. No, I’m dead serious. Today is a brainstorming day. I need to figure out marketing, getting past negativity, and what I should be searching for in regards to my product research.

So here’s today’s little list:
1. Reply to important emails
2. Go over research and create additional questions
3. Check balances and brainstorm budget
4. Brainstorm how to deal with negative situation
5. Brainstorm marketing strategies

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6 More Days Including Today

Of February. Of time to complete my February Goals… All of which I made yesterday, of course.

You see, I turned 20 years old on the 17th and was distraught that in my eyes I had accomplished nothing. It was then that I realized I hadn’t accomplished nothing, I had just been in the observation stage of my life. I had been observing and analyzing and researching. What did I do at 19?

I began looking into my idea of being a business person through a finer scope.

I selected mentors. (Chalene Johnson, Brendon Burchard, and Alex Sheen.)

I started my 52 resolutions that I’ve been mostly finishing each week.

I began my youtube videos.

So, honestly, I do have stuff to show for being 19. Always, Always, Always look at what you’ve done and don’t take it for granted. Look at what you’ve accomplished! Have you finished a class? Have you aced your finals? Have you even STARTED a project? Have you EVEN started a LIST of projects you could be doing? That is still an accomplishment.

Just remember to take that next step forward.

1. What am I excited for Today?
Recording some of my videos, actually. It’s about time I put more stuff up!

2. What am I grateful for?
My friend who gave me tennis shoes before she left for another state. Mine were falling apart and these ones are great! I feel so much more productive wearing tennis shoes (A Flylady Secret,) and it makes jogging much easier.

3. What am I absolutely going to do today?
So Brendon suggest three to five things to do, but I’ve been failing at that and I now realize why… they’re too big! I need to break them down. If I said, upload a video to youtube… That’s three things right there! I need to practice my script, record the video, and edit it as well! And then hook up the computer to Ethernet so I don’t slow everyone in my family down and THEN, do the actual uploading.
Which, by the way, is today’s thing. That and my usual daily things such as the thirty day challenge and my twitter writing post. I’ve already done my exercise! Whoopee!

With that, My List of Five for this Morning:
1. 30 Day Challenge! Right smack at the top! (And the best part is, I’ll be watching the video while eating breakfast!)
2. Respond to Emails
3. Twitter Writing Prompt
4. Laundries and Folding
5. Weekly Goal

Have a spectacular morning!

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