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Combating the Bitterness

I’m really glad I started doing this. This being the blog, the business, the product launch… The whole entirety of my recent projects, basically.

I had a terrible wake-up again. I got out to the kitchen and just wanted silence. It did not happen. I found myself thinking about bitter things. A past person was in my dream and I thought with bitterness on the lack of communication. I thought on the dishes and how I’ve been doing them about half an hour every morning and how honestly there shouldn’t be a pile to even do in the morning. And then more bitterness came out.

This is when a few unique thoughts came into my mind. “I have no idea what to write for this, I just shouldn’t write anything.” And then “but what will that do for your day, you can just write about how terrible your morning is.” And lastly, and most amazingly “but that wouldn’t be fair to your readers. Your job is to provide uplifting and motivational content. Stuff they can learn and grow from. Things that make them think.”

And with that it was a little easier to deal with my morning.

The law of attraction. What you think will come to you. Sure, a little effort is required to bring it, but not as much effort as it would had you not thought about it. Which is why I’m glad I started doing this. Not only has this potentially helped others, but it is most definitely helping me.

Remember to stay positive. Even when the world just makes you want to collapse back in bed.

On to zee questions!

1. What am I excited about today?
I’m hanging out with peoples today.

2. What am I grateful for today?
Breathing exercises. Breathing to calm oneself down.

3. What am I absolutely going to do today?
Write out a one week full out plan for what I need to accomplish, finish the upload of a video, and work on some beats.

And my little list:
1. Interact on facebook as professional page
2. Send response and review to guy on book
3. Brainstorm list of websites to connect with google+
4. Backlog
5. Write out a one week plan

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The Worst Sleep Since Forever

Last night was the worst night for sleep I’ve had in a long, long time. I woke up three times before my alarm. Twice after a not-bad-enough-to-be-called-a-nightmare dream. When my alarm finally did go off I felt grumpy and out of sorts.

I’m still currently in a not so comfortable mood, but I’m doing better. This is because of a few important aspects of my morning routine. First, I had clothes laid out already. It feels really nice to not have to look when you wake up grumpy. Second, I make myself do jumping jacks in the morning. This gets blood flow to the brain and makes you more limber and alert. Thirdly, I had a schedule that showed important things to do today. Knowing what I’m going to do when I wake up makes me way more likely to actually get up on time.

Even though I had a terrible wakeup, I have the opportunity to make my morning better. And I’m working towards it, as others should.

I might also try some morning meditation.

For those of you wondering about yesterday’s stuff, I did as much banking figuring out as I could before it became out of my hands. I hopefully find out the status of my account today.

Question Time!

1. What am I excited about today?
Creating more content for my new extra special blog! It’s called The Rhythmic Story and is focused on meditation, specifically the style I created.

2. What am I grateful for today?
Today I am grateful for paper. I love writing on it and using it for my schedules even if Chalene suggests using an app. I am also grateful for instant oatmeal. Quaker knows his stuff. And I love the Maple & Brown Sugar style, although the Apples & Cinnamon is nothing to sneeze at either.

3. What am I absolutely going to complete today?
I am going to create the content for the blog, finish reading a book for my Elance work, and come up with one amazing meditation prelude that I can use for my CD.

Now on to my little list:
1. Twitter Writing Prompt
2. Interact on Facebook as my Professional Page
3. Email Stuff
4. Khan Academy
5. Finish the Book

Have a happy and productive morning!
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To Avoid is Not a Negative

There’s something with our society that tells people avoiding situations is bad. “You must confront others!” They say so majestically in their silver armor on top of their fancy horses. “It is the only way!” They cry out before running at some guy with a lance. Yes, I just made a jousting reference.

Avoiding is not a negative.

What do they teach us in school? Avoid confrontation with bullies. That’s the only time, apparently, that it’s ever okay. Let me tell you other times it’s shown as okay: When being offered drugs. When you’re allergic to something. When it involves joining a gang.

Everybody talks about avoiding PHYSICAL issues as being okay, but they never tell you that it’s okay to avoid the mental hurt. The emotional hurt.

“Go and talk to the person causing you the issues.” Well, what if you’ve already tried that?

Here are some hidden examples of what some people call avoidance: Going to your room to cool off. Taking a walk. Putting on headphones and listening to really loud music. Putting in earplugs. Spending as much time as possible away from the person causing the issues.

Let me ask something, if you know everyday that when you go down a certain street, a guy is going to come and punch you in the face and you don’t know when but you know it’s going to happen and it’s unavoidable if you go down that street, are you going to avoid that street? Well you should.

So is it wrong to avoid the store where the person leers at you? Is it bad to kick out an explicit customer? Is it negative to avoid hanging out with the person you thought was your friend that keeps telling you how fat and ugly they think you are? Not in the least.

On that note, I’m going to the library again today.

Question time!

1. What are you excited about today?
Probably figuring out where I’m at. I’m not used to going so far above the planning stage that it’s a little scary for me. To think that even with a recent event that’s messing up my chances, I can still do things… It’s amazing. I’m excited to see what’s next.

2. What are you grateful for today?
Today I am grateful for tomatoes. And refrigeration. I had my eggs, onions and tomato combination this morning. It’s so good. I’m also grateful for chairs to sit on. And extra chairs for my cat to sit on.

3. What are you absolutely going to do today?
Well, I’m going to figure out what’s next, work on my weekly goals some more, and do some good reading. *nods*

My little list:
1. Work on weekly goals piece
2. Interact on facebook as the professional page
3. Play email catchup
4. Re-do my lemon water
5. Pack up for the library

Have a Productive Day!
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Struggling Past the Negativity

Some days it’s just really hard to get past the negativity. Like, you wake up okay but within an hour you’re just wondering how long before you can just go to bed again.

Today is a little bit like one of those days.

But it’s my job to pull through it. I created a schedule/to-do list last night that’s full of positivity. I should be able to utilize it. Even when things are tough you have to pull through. Sure, you can have a day of just laying down and doing nothing once in awhile, but when you can be sure to fight through it. You’ll be victorious.

I already had a lay down and not deal with anything day recently, and I was a lot more stressed than I am now, so I’m going to conquer this day like nobody’s business.

Yesterday I almost completed everything. I did my work out, did my writing prompt, watched and participated in that day’s thirty day challenge, but I wasn’t able to upload a video. Not yet anyways. What I was able to do is record two videos and start the editing on one of them. Not too shabby if I do say so myself.

1. What am I excited for today?
Well, I can’t wait to know what this week’s challenge is. Also, I’m excited to be posting a new video today for people to watch. I’m going to finish the edit and upload it! 

2. What am I grateful for?
My self-proclaimed “chill pills” that keep my anxiety in check would be one. It’s Natrol’s 5-HTP for those wondering. I am also grateful for bed making. You never realize how much more awesome and comfortable beds look when they’re made. Also, cats on made beds look more adorable. Just an opinion here, but based on the adorableness sprawled out on my bed right now.

3. What am I absolutely going to accomplish today?
Well, today I’m going to finish the video, for one. That means finish editing, and also upload it. I am going to do my writing prompt, I’ve already done the 30 day challenge and the workout. I’m also definitely going to get this week’s challenge card drawn.

My Five First Things To-Do
1. Finish Writing my Ten Main Goals (as seen in the thirty day challenge.)
2. Reply to important emails
3. Make my Lemony Water
4. Twitter Writing Prompt
5. Khan Academy


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